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Levine said in The Dallas Morning News, "Beyond what worked tone-wise, a lot of the music speaks to what's going on in the movie. Luke and Stephanie bond in Central Park over beer and the sounds of Total Featuring the Notorious B. Levine says he considered expanding the film's soundtrack to include Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins, two of the year's biggest non-hip-hop acts, and that the original ending featured Nirvana's Lithium." Levine said, "Ultimately, tough choices refined the film's reach, which isn't such a bad thing.There's that 'Heaven & Hell' song by Raekwon when Josh is up on a water tower looking down, and it's asking, 'Is high school heaven or is it hell? ' by A Tribe Called Quest plays when Kingsley's trying to kick drugs. But that doesn't mean it was easy passing that other music up." The soundtrack from the Sundance submission edit of the movie differs from the final edit, with several tracks either being shifted, replaced, or cut out of some scenes possibly due to issues of licensing.On Sunday evening, however, the posts and her account were made private.

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Luke visits Steph for companionship, but as she greets him at the door, Justin appears, to Luke's dismay, leaving with his heart broken. Squires is on a bender because of his now inevitable divorce and invites Luke to join him. Squires starts to walk into the ocean to kill himself. They both end up back on the beach, alive, more sober, and cracking jokes. As Luke is leaving, Steph follows him to the elevator to talk to him.

Luke goes to Fire Island to seek counseling with Dr. However, Luke says "Do me a favor Steph, don't say anything; I wanna remember this; I've never done it before." Stephanie replies "Never done what?

After taking a shower and having sex together, Luke tells Steph that he loves her.

She reacts with astonishment and it's obvious (to the viewer, although not to Luke) that she's not looking for that kind of relationship with him.

He says that he will be good at it because "everyone around me is so fucking crazy." Back in the city, Eleanor beeps Dr. He says "No plans." It then goes to Luke who is smoking a joint while waiting at a train stop.

He flicks the joint at the camera and the movie cuts to black as the credits roll.

The Wackness was awarded the Audience Award for Dramatic Film at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

The film garnered positive reviews from critics, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 69% rating based on 125 reviews, the site's consensus reading, "Sympathetic characters and a clever script help The Wackness overcome a familiar plot to make for a charming coming-of-age comedy." Ben Kingsley's performance, however, earned him a Razzie Award nomination for Worst Supporting Actor (also for The Love Guru and War, Inc.). "The What," a song from that album featuring Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man, who also appears in the film as Luke's supplier, leads off the soundtrack.

'The Stephanie character, I guess, is a composite of a few different ladies who broke up with me,' Levine says with a laugh.


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