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It's always nice to find people who experienced something similar.Luckily, I grew up studying English, so language wasn’t an obstacle for me, but people still spoke to me like I had a hearing problem. The UI is simple and makes the site easy to navigate.

So, I guess I could be (for example) a Vietnamese woman in Poland. Mine is currently at 40% or “Maybe I’d check you out”.

I’m still receiving a decent number of smiles and messages, though, so it seems I’m doing alright, even at 40%.

My admirers seemed to be within /- 10 years of my age.

Among the guys who smiled at me were a DJ, an accountant, a graphic designer/animator, someone in construction, and a physical therapist.

Say Hi is a special application that lets you meet new people near your location and chat to them.

Whether you use the application to find a partner or to make friends is entirely up to you.Curious, I then searched in various cities - Seattle, Vancouver, Houston, Chicago, Melbourne - to see what came up. Guys from Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam…It was dizzying.But by using the extensive search function, I was able to apply very specific filters that helped narrow down the list.For me, there’s still a weird stigma attached to online dating, but I decided to put that aside (all for the sake of research! East Meet East is advertised as the “#1 dating site for Asian urban singles”.I can see how this is appealing, whether you’re Asian-American or someone who emigrated here later on in life (like me).Unsure if I wanted to start making connections right away, I held off on responding. One guy seemed like a great prospect…until he used “it’s” instead of “its”.


  1. The Standard Virginity Loss Narrative tells us that men are supposed to lose their virginity by a certain age – sometimes by age 18, sometimes by 21.

  2. It’s harder to feel alone when you’re 23, because everyone is a potential partner.

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  4. As her voiceover says that gathering the cards is the beginning of the end, her magical key appears before her and she will once again find herself having to release its power in order to battle the harmful elements are about to descend on her town once more.

  5. She said she was recently following “bad accounts” that she didn’t realize were inappropriate, and she got hate for it.

  6. Nevertheless, since online affairs are real they do often cause actual harm to one's primary, offline romantic relationship.

  7. The beauty of meeting and relating on JWMatch is that you can do this in a safe, anonymous and fun environment.

  8. It was also the first major IM client to feature BUZZing and music-status.

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