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However, given the speed at which technology has changed, that means there’s a large gap between which particular technologies each age group within this generation grew up with.

It’s incredibly important for brands to stay on top of trends and platforms that are ever-changing, because millennial women certainly are.

As we’ve noted, one of the reasons millennials aren’t impressed with your content marketing is because it’s too broad.

Millennial women want content that is catered to them.

Even if you don’t have the technology in place to personalize your product offering, you can start by personalizing your emails – that will give you on average a 26% higher open rate!

Millennial women make up the majority on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, both fertile grounds for brands to grow awareness as well as click-throughs.

Engaging millennial women on these platforms is crucial; if you can get this mobile generation of women on their mobile devices, you’ve likely hit conversion gold.

Brands like Anthropologie have figured out how to start two-way conversations with their female millennial audiences while also creating shoppable feeds.

Nike’s latest women’s soccer video got us all pumped for the Women’s World Cup and reminded us that the US team are total badasses.

Tapping into millennial idealism by aligning with a cause or charity will drive this movement-driven crowd to come to bat for your brand – but only if it’s an authentic match. While the dividing line between millennials is fluid in terms of age, the millennial generation is roughly those born between 1980-2000 – the first generation to truly grow up with computers.

So, how are content marketers going to adjust their tactics to connect with this powerful segment of consumers?


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  2. Friends say: “Leave him.” But she knows it won’t be that easy. He’ll get friends and relatives to feel sorry for him and pressure her to give him another chance.

  3. I made a little money from it, but sold it on as I was focusing on other projects.

  4. This book holds a special place in my heart because it was the first book on this subject that I ever read and it really is responsible to some level for every success I've enjoyed with women.

  5. Six months in India in 2012 prompted me to write a piece about travelling safely as a solo female – still the highest trafficked article I’ve ever published – which made me think a great deal about how many women are concerned for their safety when travelling alone.

  6. Undoubtedly, online dating can detach us from other people’s humanity, and foster the worst in some people.

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