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The 50-year-old comedienne even tweeted a photo of herself with Mustafa, 37, in late September, who she deemed "super hot" at the time.

(Prior to his relationship with Griffin, the s Neve Campbell.) PHOTOS: Hot winter romances The couple's mutual attraction was obvious during Tuesday's Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, where Mustafa was seen whispering in Griffin's ear and kissing her hand.

Griffin, who recently has come under fire in her professional life for a photo of her with a fake severed head of Donald Trump, seems to be having neighbor troubles at her Los Angeles home as well. You’re not our f---ing neighbor, you’re a f---ing a-----e.” As People notes, Griffin shaved her head recently out of solidarity for her sister Joyce Griffin, who died of an undisclosed form of cancer last week.

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Link: https://t.co/v Mh IAdrl D9 pic.twitter.com/Eo Hjp Xs LR6 — Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) September 19, 2017 "Mr.

Mezger regrets losing his temper over a supposed noise complaint involving his three young grandchildren in his swimming pool around 8 p.m.

He’s like a regular guy, you know, he’s like a real guy. While there are some that don’t mind the commander in chief being the victim of joke gone too far, others aren’t seeing the softer side of it, including Donald and his wife, Melania.

He’s not like a Hollywood guy,” added Griffin, gushing about her man. “As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing,” Melania Trump said in a statement.

After the police addressed the noise complaint, Mezger can be heard on the recording shouting homophobic expletives at Griffin and Bick, calling her a, “c--t,” ‘d--e,” mocking her shaved head and bringing up her recent controversy. Griffin in writing for using that language." Also in the statement, the spokesperson explained that Mezger claims a series of incidents involving he, Griffin and Bick led to the most recent heated exchange.

He claims that this is not the first time that the police have been called by Griffin and Bick for noise complaints.

However, they seem to solve it pretty well seeing how happy they are together.

After the Bravo star was spotted around town with Isaiah Mustafa (

on Saturday, while they were being supervised by their mother and grandmother.


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