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I still got Fisher at 6'2", But Affleck is Now ( As of 2017) Sub 6'2", and Henry maybe 1/4" over the 6'0 mark, again thanks to Rob's Great Pic with Fisher.Click Here said on 3/Nov/[email protected] ( 5'9.5") Actually I wouldn't call Henry near 6'1" anymore after seeing him with Fisher, and actually i'm Speaking more to your point, I think he at 6'0.25" is still tall enough for the role. Reeve would have made Henry look on the Shorter SIde, Factoring in Reeves was over 3" Taller and Hand longer limbs in Proportion to his already tall frame.Besides, I don't think anyone watching the film would have really noticed.

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said on 1/Nov/[email protected] Cavill: Bit harsh calling a 6ft man slightly above average haha.

Personally I think he's tall enough, and like Peter said his build and looks couldn't get closer to the original cartoon superman imo.

This being said I think Reeve would have have to be lik 245 pounds to actually match Henry's muscularity. said on 2/Nov/17I'm going to assume that the ones who created these characters have no idea that people lose height throughout the day.

Reeve was a better Cast for Superman than Henry IMO, that doesn't Mean Henry was a Bad Casting. Not many people seem to know this, as I've met people who are surprised when they obtain slightly different measurements each time (with them thinking that it's impossible to measure up at 5'9 1/2" if they measured up at 5'10" earlier in the day for example.

I'd say a few inches is a small price to pay for perhaps the best physical representation of the man of steel of all time said on 31/Oct/17Hmmm the strange thing here is that we could technically argue the height of the fictional hero in any comic universe.

For example, Superman is often listed as 6'3; was that morning or evening height?

I actually had no idea that this was a thing, up until I got two different measurements (which was when I became obsessed with height).

Height would actually be a far less intriguing discussion to debate on if we remained the same height throughout the day.

Starting out in his career, at age 20 he was stating Height 6 feet 1 inches.

Fisher Has Affleck by almost and inch but Affleck has the Footwear Disadvantage, and Ray has Henry by 2.5"in the shot where they are both standing straight however again Ray's Footwear is more than Henries.

The photo was taken on Earth outside of the Hall of Justice.


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