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The afternoon is free to explore this beautiful town.Our day starts with a fascinating visit to a tea museum where we can learn how it is processed.

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It is the women who usually pick the tea because of their nimble fingers, their brightly coloured clothes contrast sharply with the greenery of the plantations.

Leaving the tea museum, we drive for around 4 hours to Thekkady where we'll take a nature walk through delightful countryside and visit a spice garden, learning about how the spices are grown and processed.

There are about 40 tigers living in the 777 sq km park but, as they are solitary creatures, the chances of seeing them are very slim.

We go for a walk in search of other wildlife such as the wild boar, giant malabar, porcupine and the flying squirrel.

The Mattancherry Palace was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, but extensive renovations by the Dutch some hundred years later earned it the name the Dutch Palace.

It has some of the best murals in India, depicting scenes from the Ramayana and other great legends.It is the face make up which makes this dancing so unique.The dancers can take up to three hours painting their faces - the features are heavily emphasised as it is the facial expressions and co-ordinated eye movements which are important in the dance.In return, copper, brass and gold coins came to Kerala.It was this trading link which brought Christianity and Islam into Kerala - the first place in India to host these two faiths.Unwind with us on this relaxing exploration of Kerala, a corner of India known by its welcoming locals, as God's own country.

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