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then, in mid 2009, hara was involved in a scandal with jinwoon of 2am, and this was added to hara’s ~dating scandals~, because as you know, korea never forgives nor forgets when it comes to a female idol and her personal then comes radio star, where hara, jiyoung, and seungyeon guest starred on the show.before the show began filming, kyuhyun went by kara’s waiting room to greet them.News of the two stars dating started after fans took notice of their posts on their social media accounts.

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it is saying that, because hara is a female, she shouldn’t date around a lot or else it could ruin her covers so many levels of the fucked up way females are viewed in the idol game in korea, and how they shouldn’t date or even be remotely sexual, because it ruins their career. iu is a female idol who had a dating scandal and has yet to recover from it because of the harsh criticisms that she received from it.so, kyuhyun’s words, they made hara cry. and rather having people comfort her or anything, hara is instead being criticized by netizens, both korean and internationally. because hara is a “slut” and kyuhyun is her sunbae, and she shouldn’t have reacted that way, and she should have known that the show was going to be like can say, “well kyuhyun seemed upset that he had made her cry”, but here’s the thing. who is being called a slut, and being admonished for letting her human feelings get the best of her?

who is being punished by people because she is open about her dating life?

After he had begun a MBC hit drama “She was pretty,” he is more popular than ever right now in Korea.

We’ve compiled some of the most talked-about doppelgangers in this article; all of them resembling one star are grouped the same line called Choi Siwon-Line.

Currently, members is scheduled to go this year, but they are still planning to release a new album when most of the members are present in between August and December.

Fans are already anticipating for their album after two years, since their 10Among K-pop fans it is already famous for the fact that Super Junior’s main visual member Siwon has highly individual faces.

Featuring your host: Admin Sweet Medusa “but i don’t understand why what kyuhyun said is bad?

”“the show is about being mean to idols, she should’ve known what was going to happen”“she should’ve known.”okay, so i normally don’t post about kpop on this blog, but i’m going to explain to you why what kyuhyun did was bad, and why we should be shaming him (not hara) for what happened on radio star.

hara was clearly not comfortable with it kyuhyun goes and says “if I open my mouth, it’s the end for Goo Hara” which implies so many things.

but you know what it implies most of all in this context?

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