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Lucy Walker: And I think for the people, you can really see with your own eyes watching the film and witness the life-changing effects of this project on the people in the film — Vik as well as the catadores…Lucy Walker: as Magna says in the movie, she used to be ashamed and hide the fact that she worked at the landfill from her family, but now she tells everyone with pride [Comment From fariba: ] Were you surprised that Waste Land was nominated?

has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The film follows Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, who travels to his native Rio de Janiero to embark on an ambitious mission to create portraits of the local trash pickers out of the garbage they collect the world’s largest landfill.

With two films this year, did you think your film Countdown to Zero had a better shot?

Lucy Walker: Gosh, I love both my films and I’d have voted for both!!!!

Countdown To Zero – as you know but perhaps not everyone does – is about nuclear weapons and is such an important subject — I actually think THE most urgent and important subject — but it is very scary and difficult to talk about, whereas WASTE LAND, even though it is filmed partly in a landfill, is really inspiring and uplifting, so perhaps that’s why it was a bit tougher for COUNTDOWN… The catadores have had so much challenge in their lives yet are the most dignified, inspirational, courageous people I can imagine…

Lucy Walker: Of course in my ideal fantasy world BOTH films would have been nominated but it’s a dream come true for WASTE LAND — for the pickers to come to the Kodak theater, WOW. Some films that have had a HUGE impact on me: Lucy Walker: HOOP DREAMS — because the twists and turns of real life can be just as edge-of-the-seat thrilling as any fiction script. Lucy Walker: it’s hard not to feel truly awed and humbled by the way they have faced difficulties in their lives, to emerge as the coolest people i’ve ever met.Lucy Walker: and the whole journey was almost five years![Comment From Jaimie: ] How involved were you in the editing process and structuring the story? Our AMAZING editor Pedro Kos and I had a dream collaboration and worked very closely together.[Comment From Paula: ] Do you find that funders accept women more readily as producers than directors?What challenges did you face as a woman specifically? I think a lot of funders tend to be really enlightened and progressive folks, in fact some grants and opportunities are ONLY for women like Chicken & Egg Pictures…[Comment From Quinn: ] Have you seen the other nominees? I was friends with his roommate at University in England.


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