Liquor revenue stamp dating

This issue is rare on or off boxes in any denomination, especially 250 and 500. The short-lived issue of 1868 is another you will seldom find on a box.Note the cancelation stamped on the 100; this is the first issue to mandate rubber stamp cancellations rather than hand written signatures. When used, all these early issues wrap onto all four sides of a box.

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Got a few old bottles of stuff (Benedictine, Cherry Heering, Tia Maria) from my grandmother's basement that I want to find out what year they are from. The first step to wine appreciation is opening the bottle.

They are pre govt warning but can't find anything on the web. Jeff Creamer, former wine director at the now-defunct San Francisco restaurant Two, coaxes a cork from a bottle in a few easily replicable steps.

In this week's episode of CHOW Happy Hour, Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco is joined by San Francisco cocktail and spirits evangelist Yael Amyra.

Yael makes a Between the Sheets and explains how sometimes all it takes is the warmth of a stiff drink to calm nerves and mend a relationship.

When taxes were raised in mid year, new denominations were stenciled, stamped or hand written and signed by the inspector making the changes.

This set is widely available to collectors today because excess copies were sold decades ago to the collecting market. Though mostly plain, a very short lived version honored the recently assassinated President Lincoln with two portraits on a mourning black stamp.

Retail clerks of the Golden Age took seriously the CN wording demanding destruc-tion of the tax stamp.

Since stamps are often damaged, it is worth learning exactly where to look to tell them apart even when most of the stamp is missing.

Most important, , the standard sizes in international commerce.

Inspectors were no longer required to hand sign the stamps.

This design was unusual as it was used for three decades (until 1910).


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