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**** You need to write out your full name, not just initial for first name and last name written out. To: Blount County Jail Randall Keith Beane ID 318366 920 E. I’ll contact Karl [ AM] Denice D: who else to call? The Secret Service agent that you purportedly spoke with walked away as he was talking to you and came back with Heather’s phone stating that you did not know who she was. Did they provide a link to where the details of the warrant for her arrest can be found? Alex and Valerie July 25, 2017 am Additional data: Heather said many times to the SS Agents last night that we were at Trump Tower, room 601 (all of us) if they had any more questions.

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See all booking terms and conditions Cardiff Travel Itinerary The capital and largest city in Wales and the tenth largest city in the United Kingdom is the city of Cardiff (CWL) which world class entertainment and unique attractions.

Displayed fares are based on historical data, are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

They asked for her phone number, I gave it to them.

They wanted me to text her, but one continued to ask questions and I was distracted so another sent the text to Heather as follows: V’s Phone: We’re showered, Where are ya?

Knock on the door, three men, casually dressed, asked for Heather.

I told them she was not here, she went to get coffee and smoke.

National Museum Cardiff Art lovers should not miss going to this amazing museum which has an excellent collection of paintings, archaeological finds and geological exhibits charting the history of Wales.

The museum has something to offer everyone and has a regular programme of events and activities.

Once again, we were reminded of Alex’s warrant in ARKANSAS, which they had verified now.

This is true, there is an unpaid speeding ticket from Jasper, AR from April 2013. The other was out but said his name was Obrien or O’shea (I cant remember). Ten to fifteen minutes later two returned with Heathers purse and laptop bag. I honestly dont have the skills or lexicon to handle this. Goran Antunovic Just called FBI agent Hartman, who was unwilling to reveal the grounds of Heathers arrest. He also was afraid to give me his direct supervisors name. Very scared voice in his tone already because so many people already called him.

Goran Antunovic I told him I am Heathers personal assistant and needed to know grounds for arrest. Told him to get her a message to her…she.s got a lot of support out here, that we are all behind her, that we are with her, signed Original (hearteyes) Sophia Love Visualizing H. it is palpable and those in charge of “detaining” or “watching” her are feeling it and not knowing what it is… this light/love/power around her then moves up the chain of command to everyone who is touching this case. [ PM] Gpeachy: Just thinking of what Heather said on the last interview about making herself visible so all others would do the same.


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  2. And then when I was truly alone, and had to face the reality of what had happened, it was terrifying.

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