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More than 130 students have been caught sharing their passes in recent years, spokesperson Linda Krecic said in an email to Channel 3 News.

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RTA defends its practice and a spokesperson said the agency has no plans on changing the policy.

RTA said the policy is designed to discourage students who receive free passes from sharing it with others seeking a free ride.

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And he's like [telling police], you know me, you see me, you know where I’m going."RTA could not provide a copy of the letter, which was sent through regular mail.

A copy does not exist, Channel 3 News was told by an RTA spokesperson.Elijah is among 45 juveniles charged by RTA with fare evasion in the past three years.Maldonado said she doesn’t understand why he’s being charged when RTA knows he has a free pass.This is a handy way for singles to meet local people or a way for them to chat with existing friends and family.Local chat rooms are handy for sharing common interests with people in your area.Leticia Maldonado, Elijah’s mother, said the family moved earlier this year and she never received the single letter sent to her home. It wasn't until last month, when she received a call from the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, that she learned her son was facing criminal charges.

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