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Exuberantly colourful and displaying a real melodic gift, this five-minute work traversed a series of sound-worlds before ending in mid-phrase – appropriately, since this is theoretically the embryo of a larger work to come.

I loved their amazing chemistry and couldn't wait to find out what would happen to them after their stay in Lake Haven. I liked the psychology behind the personalities of the main characters, which is thought-provoking.

I enjoyed witnessing how Lola and Harry slowly find their way.

Lake Haven has so much to offer them and there are plenty of ups and downs. Julia London has a nice sense of humor that makes her story easy to love.

Suddenly Dating is a very romantic story with a lot of surprising twists and turns. Suddenly Dating is the second book in the Lake Haven series. This book is perfect for those who love reading about small town life in an interesting place where creativity meets wealth.

Will they still be able to pursue their dreams and what will their stay at Lake Haven bring them?

Suddenly Dating is a great story with plenty of depth.His opening programme was wall-to-wall British, drawing on living composers from four different generations, plus Elgar.The first piece was by the young Scottish composer Helen Grime, whose had been commissioned for the occasion.Adès had researched techno club music for the crazy third movement of this symphony, which otherwise delicately delineates a space dominated by cowbells, high woodwind, and low brass; Rattle and the LSO made the most of its gleaming, gritty effects.To follow this with Harrison Birtwistle’s Violin Concerto, with the German virtuoso Christian Tetzlaff in coruscating form, was to go back in spirit to the 19th century, in that – despite the unforgiving modernity of the idiom – soloist and orchestra (plus extra soloists emerging from the orchestra) converse passionately; Rattle’s teasing-out of this work’s mysteries was refined and judicious, as was his handling of the fourth work in the programme, Oliver Knussen’s compressed and majestic Symphony No 3. Being shouted at on a regular basis by her mother, taking care of her younger siblings and being dumped by the man she promised to love for the rest of her life made her compliant and invisible.

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