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All of the buildings and houses there were historical and were made of winter-ready and very sturdy materials-bricks. Saw for the first time the Tasmanian Devil; they don’t look devilish after all.I cannot imagine having homes like those here in my tropical country, aside of course for those who can afford air condition units. 🙂 Also saw kangaroos, but I was a bit disappointed not to have the chance to see a kangaroo with a baby in the pocket. I could never have done all these things without my partner-in-crime for life, my ever dearest husband. 🙂 I have long been wanting to wake up one day and speak in a foreign tongue. I occasionally meet some Caucasians living in the Philippines and fluently speak the Filipino language; they really looked funny and queer because they looked too “american” to speak a different tongue. If you want to have some words translated, comment me and I would be very glad to help.

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Since it’s my first out-of-the country travel and alone, I was not familiar with the process.

During my assessment in the Immigration Section at the Philippine Airport, the Officer had no questions, she just looked at me and confirmed my picture in the passport and stamped something on my passport.

The people were staring at me and butterflies start to swarm my stomach, I just laughed a little and told them, “Forgive the first timer”. 🙂 From Manila, Philippines, it took me a tiring 9-hour flight.

Just so glad that I had no seatmate in the plane; I pulled the armrest between the seats up and slept on it just like a bed.

They really tried their best to blend in, understand, and adapt the city life. They constantly remind me that happiness is priceless. That’s what they had been doing since their history began, and that is what they are doing until now to preserve their culture for the next generations to come. Weekly photo challenge: Community | Past meets the present My country is a Spanish colony for 300 years.

What they are in the past until today, they are still their own person and they are happy and contented. Their simple minds were untainted, they were never envious and never felt self-pity. The etymologies of most of the words in our dialect are from Spanish words, but we made them more of “our” words by incorporating our ethnicity in it. That particular word, although meant to be taken positively by its English translation, connotes a bit more negativity in our dialect.

🙂 If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills? 🙂 I would like to learn how to speak Italian, because I think its a beautiful language. It was very helpful but I later got frustrated to learn further. 🙂 This is my daughter Faith having fun under one of the creations of Davao City’s own World-renowned Sculpture artist Kublai Millan.

I would learn some most used phrases for a day then forget all about it the day after. This is a larger than life depiction of real life happy people from the different tribes here in Davao City.

As the “Queen of Flowers”, it was recently declared the Philippines’ National Flower and can only be found in the Island of Mindanao, particularly here in Davao City.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One | My daughter is the one A rare sight on a common day.

(it’s okey without the snow) 🙂 My husband prepared to buy me winter clothes.


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