Mandating direct deposit

An Georgia employer may not require an employee to be paid by direct deposit.

Georgia Code 34-7-2 Georgia does not have any laws regarding what deductions may or may not be taken from an employee’s paycheck or whether an employee must provide written consent prior to any deduction.

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Direct Deposit should be entered online in the employee portal.

See the document at the bottom of this page for more information.

Employees who meet this criteria can review the exemption provisions in the policy statement.

Employees who do not enroll in direct deposit will be issued a Skylight Paycard.

of Labor Form DOL-800 Form DOL-800, “Separation Notice.” In the case of mass layoffs or other mass separations, the employer must complete Form DOL-402 and Form DOL-402A.

The employer must provide a completed Form DOL-800 to an employee on the last day the employee works.

Direct deposit reduces the potential for lost warrants, as well as theft or forgery.

Employees can access their pay advice on payday via campus portals.

The lack of a law prohibiting deductions likely means an employer can withhold or deduct wages from an employee’s pay check for: In accordance with federal law, an employer may not make deductions for any of the above-listed items if it would cause the employee to earn less than federal minimum wage for the period in which the deduction was made. Georgia does not have any laws prohibiting an employer from requiring an applicant or employee to pay the cost of a medical examination or the cost of furnishing any records required by the employer as a condition of employment.

Georgia does not have any laws addressing when or how an employer may reduce an employee’s wages or whether an employer must provide employees notice prior to instituting a wage reduction.

Employees can route direct deposits to most banks, savings and loans institutions, credit unions and other financial institutions throughout the continental United States; as long as the institutions are members of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).


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