Marriage and dating statistics in jamaica

There is information on immigration and on slavery.

Jamaica was a British colony from the time of its conquest by the English 1655-1660 from the Spaniards, until it gained its independence in 1962 and became a part of the British Commonwealth.

The book also includes the History, description and leadership of Associations, Clubs, Lodges and Schools, a List of Police officers, and a List of Civil Servants across the island, showing their positions, departments, and Post Office addresses.

Lists of White Families introduced into Jamaica from 1734 to 1753 under several Acts that were passed in England to encourage settlers to move to the island. List One consisted of 145 families, for a total of 347 individuals,described as "white families and artificers." At the end of the page you will find a report taken from the Journals of the House of Commons in 1753 concerning the efficacy of the Acts.

The name and address of each individual or business is listed.

There is a list of the towns referred to in postal addresses, with a brief description.

The indigenous Indians had been killed by the Spaniards.

The population over the past 350 years has been comprised of: Their mingling is reflected in our island motto, "Out of Many, One People." In the decade of the 1830s many landowners returned to Great Britain, or dispersed to other parts of the British Empire.The results which have been preserved as census records do not contain any names of individuals, but merely numbers of persons in various categories, which generally included: white, black, free colored, certain countries of origin, and occupation.One exception is the Census information for Hanover for 1823 which has been found in some Colonial Office correspondence and is on this site.The civil and military lists may provide information on people who were not listed as property owners.Information from the following Almanacs is on this site: This book is an invaluable research tool, and the entire Directory, containing over 370 pages, has been transcribed here.We guarantee that the rates quoted are the best available.


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