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But Jennifer's screen name "Shiksa" (non-Jewish woman) tells a different story.

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Like other women, Misha Mitchell, who also goes by the screen name "Shiksa," likes the characteristic dark features of many Jewish men, but she said her connection to Jews and Judaism goes beyond physical or personality preferences.

Mitchell, who grew up in Idaho, began to stray from her strict Roman Catholic upbringing when she was 13.

Michelle Kessous, 26, a doctoral student in child psychology and registered JDater, said "the site is meant for Jews.

There are so many other options for someone who isn't Jewish, like, or by hobby, by other religions.

"They cross all sorts of boundaries because it's so easy to cross them." For Rabbi Adam Jacobs, managing director in New York of Aish Ha Torah, an Orthodox outreach program, the trend is a mixed blessing at best.

"Since intermarriage is one of the serious problems facing the Jewish community, I am concerned," he said.

The 29-year-old school teacher, who asked that her full name not be used, said she's always been attracted to Jewish men who embody the stereotypical intellectual, neurotic, brooding, Woody Allen type.

"They're witty, they tend to read more," she said of Jewish men. They can be a little bit prone to depression." It's a story that can be told by the thousands of Jews who are logging on to dating sites in hopes of meeting other Jews--for friendships, dates, relationships and even marriage.

I feel this is really one of the very few outlets where Jews can find other Jews to date and to marry." The situation even came to the attention of advice columnist Randy Cohen, who writes "The Ethicist" column for The New York Times Magazine.

"This Jewish dating service should be a way for people who wish to date Jews--perhaps primarily but not exclusively other Jews--to do so," Cohen wrote in response to a reader's query last year.

Toner, 26, signed up on about 10 dating Web sites--including personals,,, and JDate.

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