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But even that is an uphill battle because of geography, by which I mean Mexico’s other competitive advantage is its location next to America.”All that is not to say that Mexico’s overall Plan B, that of diversification, won’t happen.

S., Chinese immigrants now make up the largest single group of arrivals a year into this country. Given the history, this growth—and the fact that Chinese immigrants are considered part of the Asian-American “model minority”—seems improbable.

These Chinese immigrants faced a tremendous hostility, despite amounting to only a small fraction of the total foreign-born population in the United States in the late 19th century. passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which barred Chinese laborers, prohibited all Chinese immigrants from becoming naturalized citizens, and allowed only select classes of Chinese to apply for admission.

This week, while his country is renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was in China to pursue his country’s Plan B.

Rumblings of a free-trade deal between the two nations have grown since President Trump took office this year, but they’ve mostly been seen as political posturing.

Those who arrived in San Francisco faced harsh interrogations, humiliating medical examinations, and long detentions in the unsanitary barracks on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.

In the past 50 years, Chinese immigration has undergone a dramatic transformation.

Chinese immigration drastically dropped, though it never totally stopped.

Many of those who came resorted to false papers (like my own grandfather).

This country has often treated immigrants unfairly based on the actions of their countries of origin.

In 1999, Chinese-American scientist Wen Ho Lee was unfairly accused of spying for the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese sailors were among the crew on a ship that arrived in Baltimore in 1784.

Chinese immigrants were living in New York City in the 1830s.

In 1960, there were just under 100,000 Chinese-born immigrants in the United States.

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