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The number of sexual offences in schools has more than tripled in four years, figures suggest.

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Mac Donald led with a reflection about smartphones and their use on college campuses.

“We all have smartphones; we all use them 24/7, and they seem to hold everything in our lives.

Welch was captured and faces new charges stemming from his escape attempt.

Mac Donald led a press briefing Friday at the University of New Hampshire to showcase the national launching of USafe US, a new and innovative smartphone app designed to prevent sexual assault, and to put resources in the hands of victims and their allies.

That applies particularly to young people on this campus and the millions of others like them, across the country.” According to Mac Donald, it was Kathy Kimball, Sexual Assault Research Team Coordinator at the Attorney General's office, that had the idea to use phones as resources to prevent harm and sexual assault before it happens.

Mac Donald called the launch of the USafe US app a truly New Hampshire-made effort."The victim was not allowed in the home to use the restroom or shower" after being moved to the shed, sheriff's officials say."The suspects set up date advertisements for the victim through an online website.Funding for the app came from the Prevention Innovations Research Center's 2016 NH Charitable Foundation AMP Award and a UNH Social Intervention Challenger event, Mac Donald said.Mac Donald keyed in on the beginning of the school year and what it means for sexual assault awareness.Potter affirmed that sexual assault is a prevalent problem on all campuses, and that one in five women will be sexually assaulted during their college careers. There are volumes of studies that detail the short- and long-term physical and mental impacts on the victims of these crimes,” she said.


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