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Season 4, Episode 4September 24, 2001While Yvonne is away on business, Darryl finds himself thrust into a mothering role when Sydney has her first period.

Season 4, Episode 8October 29, 2001While rehearsing for a Halloween episode, the cast of “The Hughleys” receives a rude shock: A shadowy figure is stalking them.

Season 4, Episode 7October 15, 2001Darryl and Sally co-host a local TV-advice show, but when viewers respond to his brash manner rather than her subdued style, she quits.

Season 4, Episode 18March 25, 2002Sydney (Ashley Monique Clark) rebels against Darryl's warnings to stay away from Internet chat rooms and makes a date with someone she meets on-line.

Season 4, Episode 17March 4, 2002Michael's scheme to get out of climbing a rope in gym class exposes Darryl's own fear of heights; Yvonne tries to bond with Sydney after learning she has a prospective boyfriend.

Season 4, Episode 15February 11, 2002Darryl's planned Valentine's Day surprise for Yvonne---a weekend vacation---turns into a bust when they're stranded at the airport.

Meanwhile, Yvonne believes that a neighbor has purposely dissed her.

Season 4, Episode 20May 6, 2002Darryl is unhappy when he discovers that his mother Hattie Mae (Marla Gibbs) is involved with her piano teacher.

Also: Shari seeks companionship via a dating service; and Milsap awakens to the shock of his life.

Season 4, Episode 11November 19, 2001Darryl's mother, Hattie Mae (Marla Gibbs), wrests control of Thanksgiving dinner from Yvonne, forcing Darryl to make a stand.

The episode features “Real World”-like camera angles and the reality show's infamous confessional booth.

Season 4, Episode 12December 17, 2001Believing that Michael and Sydney are spoiled, Darryl and Yvonne show the kids what the true meaning of Christmas is.

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