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If that happens, he will no longer be able to be a law enforcement officer. Last week, City Manager Jim Westmoreland placed a 30-day hold on the promotions of any officers involved in the incidents surrounding Cole.According to the News & Record, Cole, along with 15 other officers, had been approved for a promotion before his encounter with Yourse. It’s unclear how many officers were affected by the hold.

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The June incident resulted in an internal affairs investigation by the Greensboro Police Department, which found that Cole used excessive force on Yourse and violated other agency rules when he punched and violently arrested the 36-year-old man, who had not committed a crime. At that point, Yourse appeared to be either sitting down or on his knees as Cole held his arms behind his back. The Washington Post called a cell number registered under Cole but did not receive a call back.

Last August, two months after the incident, Cole resigned. A relative of Yourse’s reached by The Post said he does not want to talk.

The other officer involved in the incident, Officer C. Jackson, left her post last week, according to media reports. The police department also began a criminal investigation on Cole, but the Guilford County district attorney’s office declined to file charges.

The body-camera footage, which has since been made public, showed Cole asking Yourse questions about where he lives, why he was sitting outside, whether he has any warrants against him and why he has prison tattoos. Cole then forced Yourse to the ground, as the latter kept screaming: “I’m not resisting! Chief Assistant District Attorney Howard Neumann did not return a call from The Post on Monday, but he told the Greensboro News & Record last week that Cole did not commit a crime.

He also told him to talk to neighbors to verify his identity. 30, found that Cole violated the Greensboro Police Department’s rules on use of force, courtesy toward the public, arrest, search and seizure, and compliance with laws and regulations.

The confrontation between Yourse, who is black, and the white officer, Travis Cole — captured in body cameras — started out as a cordial conversation, but it escalated after only a few minutes. Cole resigned from his position while the investigation was pending, Scott said during the City Council meeting.

Carla Banks, a city spokeswoman, said the promotion was a noncompetitive process and was based on the number of years of service.

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