Nasty text chat lines elisabeth shue ralph macchio dating

They just make themselves look like some manic bobble head with a phone in his hand and unsuccessfully trying to multitask.

But adults like to text too, and some of them do it very badly.

There are some behaviors, not only in the messages themselves but also in when and where they are sent, that are completely inexcusable and totally annoying.

If it's important enough to say, it's important enough that you include all the letters. The Double Down: This is the worst physical sensation in the world.

When a friend texts and asks "What are you doing tonight?

Once they are done speaking, say "excuse me, one second," and then respond to the text.

The person you are ignoring doesn't care that you need to send a text, then care that you're putting them off to talk to someone who isn't even in the room.You paid for this goddamn movie, pay fucking attention and stop ruining our experience! The other annoying one-worder is more of a "Thanks" or—even worse—a smiley emoticon.The One-Word Wonder: Yes, text messages are supposed to be short, but there is such a thing as too short. Say your friend asks where the restaurant is and you tell them and they respond "Thanks." That is just a waste of everyone's time.The Unresponder: The great thing about texting is that the responses are supposed to be short and immediate, especially for the first kind of communication that is informational and directed.Sure, sometimes the person on the receiving end isn't with their phone or is indisposed, but still, responses should come with relative promptness.Let the text sit in your pocket for a bit and be courteous to the person who is in front of you.

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