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the cast was OK, some OK acting, but the script and story were lame.

All this does is after a long time tells who the killer actually is.

I gave this movie one star for the cute blonde who sort of has the main role. The deaf guy who she makes friends with online was OK till things go bad and then he acts like a retard.

Despite having some pretty good ideas behind it, this movie was terrible. A bunch of cam-girls who live in the house of a serial killer and people can pay to (watch them) act out serial killer-y fantasies. You get to see some gore-y shots of dead girls and related. She should've played a bigger role though, would've been funny to see her as a main character in a slasher. You have the main storyline of a guy in the house murdering women which was super generic but decent.

It had all the elements of a good horror movie..just were totally misused. Terrance Howard and the serial killer dude had good chemistry. Then you have this other storyline with Terrance Howard which had almost NOTHING to do with the main storyline and was used in a way that rendered it completely pointless (way to waste your best actors).

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