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“It surprised me how many people fell out on the Nail Clipper.

It’s a large span of obstacles, and people with all different types of skill sets went down on it.

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[Update: Pratt has confirmed his involvement on Twitter.] More after the jump.

A Cowboy Ninja Viking movie has been kicking around for a few years now.

Labreck, who manages a gym in Naperville, Illinois, has relied on her record-setting career at UMaine for that mental edge.

“If you ask certain Ninjas, they’ll say it’s more mental than physical,” Labreck said.

Labreck, 26, a former track and field star at the University of Maine in Orono, was the top female finisher in Cleveland.

“I was surprised at how hard the eighth obstacle was,” said Labreck, who, along with 19 other competitors, was eliminated by the Nail Clipper, a new obstacle added for the Cleveland regional finals.

In the Clipper, competitors must work their way through a set of four rolling gears that are suspended over a pool of water.

“That one zapped my energy really fast,” she added.

The NBC sitcom is currently in the midst of filming its final two episodes, freeing up Pratt’s schedule for next year and beyond.


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