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Soon, the sun sets and Lexi pleads, 'Somebody help me! This is when a heavy French-accented voice launches into Be Our Guest, with the male ensemble returning in tailcoat jackets.

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Scratched in on his track "Fastest Man Alive", old school legend Grandmaster Flash took the vocals out of the DJ booth and into the studio back in '86, and it has since re-appeared on productions for Geto Boys, Masta Ace and many more, but it's most widely known recent use has to be on the opening to Jennifer Lopez's hit "Jenny From the Block".

A collegiate acapella group has won over the internet with its impressive Beauty And The Beast medley.

Not your obvious James Brown or Chuck D lines and shouts, but the ones that somehow feel like they always existed as a part of our urban sonic landscape, almost like the sound of trains and buses. "Aaaah, this stuff is really F-f-f-rrrreeessssssh""Change the Beat (Female Version)" by Fab 5 Freddy feat.

We'll trace them back to the original recordings and hopefully shed some light on just how and why they earned their place in sampling history. Beside (1982) [Sample timing: ]The number one spot has to go to Fab 5 Freddy's "Change the Beat (Female Version)".

Though some wanted to hear a collab, Em's extended verse is reminiscent of the diabolical bars he used to spit on D12 tracks, when he was at his most politically incorrect.

At the end of his vicious assault, Em asks, "How's that for an introduction? On the night before Halloween, D12 returned with their first release in over 4 years, Devil's Night.The project included a few big features, including Royce da 5'9", Young Buck, and Kidd Kidd, but one guy who we suspected to make an appearance never showed up.Of course, a D12 reunion without Eminem is exciting enough, but we thought he would come through with at least a cameo.Well, the "reloaded" mixtape, with the help of DJ Whoo Kid, now includes an acapella intro of Em spitting his most lethal, Halloween-ready bars. Several other dancers join in and twirl around as Lexi and Vocal Point sing the classic ballad.


  1. Sometimes she will even join you in a post meal belch or a downstairs scratch.

  2. In Greek Holiday, Sakura falls on top of Wes when she saves him from a falling statue but quickly gets off him after seeing Nishan.

  3. Speaking to friends with vastly different taste in men, they all agreed they respected the confidence it takes in approaching someone in real life.

  4. They then went on to have one child, the musically gifted John Carter Cash Despite Johnny’s tough demeanor, drug abuse problems, and constant touring, June Cash’s love for Johnny was never in any doubt, and the two remained married for 35 years.

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