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Cacela Velha’s beachfront location and lack of modern overdevelopment has been attractive to many visitors, while the village's fishing fleets have supplied the local seafood restaurants with oysters, clams, prawns and baby squid.

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Other cultural events include Clássica em Cacela, a concert series at the Church of Cacela Velha and other historical locations which have featured presentations of medieval and contemporary classic music.

Check-in/Check-out Policy: Rates quoted are based on check-in date and length of stay shown.

To hold the room beyond the local hotel hold time, a credit card guarantee of payment must be received at the hotel prior to designated hold time.

For reservations confirmed from countries where local regulations prohibit guarantees to a credit card, payment by check in the currency of the country which the hotel is located, for at least one night, must be received by the hotel for the room to be held for arrival beyond the local hotel hold time.

Please make a note of the cancellation number for your records in the event of questions regarding cancellation of guaranteed reservations.

A new deposit is required for revisions to reservations received after the cancellation refund due date.

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