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Those listed below evoked a strong desire in me to learn more about the historical events around which the author crafted his/her story.

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- Sarah Bower, Co-ordinating Editor (UK), History strives for reality, for what is provable, documentable.

Historical fiction should strive for the story that underlies reality and thus become an imagained reality.

GOLD Battle Scars by David Salkin That Deadly Space by Gerald Gillis The Last Road Home by Danny Johnson The Parting by Richard Adams SILVER A Long Way Back by J.

Everett Prewitt Guiding Missal by Nancy Panko The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood by Terrence Mc Cauley The Killing Practice by Linda Swink BRONZE Blood Brothers by E.

I also believe reading historical fiction provides us with a deeper understanding of our past.

I attended many history lectures in high school and college, but rarely did the instructor present the course material in a way that fascinated me and begged me to learn more about the time period.

While nurturing the love between the hero and heroine is an important theme in my books, they sometimes spend long passages of time apart or do things contrary to the normal roles of men and women in formula romance.

For example, the Rising of 1745 separates Rory and Duncan for much of the time in the The Scottish Thistle.

Mila 18 and QB VII led me to learn more about the Uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Holocaust.


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