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If anyone wants to hack on this, here's how I found how to calculate pcar.I used this simple code to see pplayer or pcar (as decimal, you have to convert to hex yourself):#cheat money equals pplayersetint(0x08bde55c, pplayer, pplayer);#cheat money equals pcarp = 0;p = pcar;setint(0x08bde55c, p, p); For pcar I did captures in different cars, and one outside a car = 0, and did a greater/less than comparison based on the pcar values on size char.

I`m not planning on making peds drive cars at the moment, so we don't need instant carspawns now. With the things we currently have we should be able to create some nice custom shootout scenes, and that`s better than nothing.

I`ve made some major achievements last night by the way !

That's why I was using Get Player Object() instead of hardcoded. Check if some of the cheats and car related cheats still work.

I don't know at the moment how to find pplayer.

i dont understand you do you mean when you use one user cheat and then another the first one doesnt work2 things which can cause this ischanging files if you change the file all the cheats in the previous file doesnt work also if you activated a cheat and then another the bottom one might be overwritten values in the same address theres for the first cheat doesnt work eg Cheat 1 -- something = 2Cheat 2 -- something = 5something will equal 5 for the majority of the time an something will only equal 2 form cheat1 to cheat2 and then it will equal 5 againone thing i would highly like to see for the cd is custom plugins (but scriptive form) seeing pd2dev or cygwin doesnt work for me, but things which allow you to take a value at an address and save it to a file among over code etc aswell as more math functions but i dont this will ever happen Lets keep it here until we've got everything more tested out.

Here's LCS PRX version with both Dev Hook/SE/OE version and patched 3.71 M33 version, please test: That must be that the pplayer pointer changes when you load another savefile.

I found a char value in the stack area at 0x09F6B46D that is proportional to pcar - an offset. The pcar calculation worked out to: yeah ed it seems to be player related, because hover cars works, also ones like force push or fireball slingshot make the camera twitch and the person aimed at disappears aim of death works fine tho.edit:defense orbs,blendo, inf ammo, and no reloading dont work.hahaha forceblast all peds affects you.

lolteleport doesn't work eitherkill all peds doesn't affect you(odd, since forceblast did) Lets keep it here until we've got everything more tested out.

- Prevent a crash if a material overflows the index buffer.


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