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What they are misusing or corrupting is their right. (SMI); a company operating out of Fairfax Virginia, US, has now perfected Service of its complaint against Prince Khaled bin al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz and his associate SMI entered into a contract with Khaled and Pincione to engage their services to collect monies owed to SMI for work performed in Libya.It is reported in British Press that BAE Arms Company secretly paid Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia more than $ 2Bn in connection with Britain's biggest ever weapons contract. The total sum owed to SMI was .8 million and the contract provided for a .6 million commission to be paid to Khaled and Pincione upon the successful collection of amounts due.

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To legitimize their Idol worship, they misinterpret Quranic verses and Ahadith.

They have occupied Islamic heartland and the grand mosques of Makka and Madina in 1925 and are propagating their Salafi /Wahhabi theories in the world as Islamic teachings.

It is reported that he fathered a total of 1The King is a decade older than the US thought he was.

Even at 92, he hadn’t given up on romance, though he needed a little boost from Viagra.

We belong to the category of reformists who identify wrong doings in human society.

We have no political affiliations and we are not against any Government or any ruling individual in the world, including Saudi Royal family.We have provided the sources of information throughout the Article, and we request our readers to inform us if the information provided in the article about an episode/issue is not genuine or if there is a refutation of the information from any source.We will immediately correct the information and/or will add the information contained in the refutation; provided the information is from an authentic original source.We wish and pray for every individual, for their good in this world.We identify shortcomings of people in order that they realize it and work for their improvement and for the good of their people and for their salvation in Hereafter.Luxury villas and hundreds of rooms in five-star hotels would be reserved for his entourage and hundreds of millions dollars would be spent by the King and his Royals. She also informed the Court that Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd, the son of another wife of Fahd, met her at the Dorchester hotel in London on 20 June 2003 when Fahd was seriously ill and promised to pay her £12m and transfer back to her two flats in Chelsea, to keep his father’s promise of lifelong financial support.

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