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While this can really help break the ice, the time will come when you'll want to truly make an impression and send an original message. For those who love to copy and paste, the reality is that your message recipients will be able to tell the difference between a genuine attempt to connect and a copy paste template sent out to the masses. While a bit of online flirting can be great when you get it right, it can quickly become too much.Therefore to make a good impression, first messages need to be original; it’s about making the recipient feel special and showing them that you’re actually interested in them as an individual. A basic rule to follow is to avoid overtly physical compliments in your online dating first message as this can send the wrong signal.There are two main goals for a first message: to let her know of your interest, and to convince her that you are an interesting non creepy guy that isn't going to take advantage of her the first chance you get. "First messages that are only one word, incomplete sentences, full of profanity or just generic comments about my looks are a big turn-off. The problem is: The crowd that bothers to surf the forums of this place, have a completely different mentality than the crowd that hasn't even seen the "forums" button.

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When it comes to online dating then, the first message is a deal breaker.

But it can be difficult to craft an engaging text that’s flirty but appropriate and portrays you accurately.

It doesn't mean I'll meet everyone who writes and fits that criteria, but I would be open to communicating to learn about core values, what type of man he was, honesty etc. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the spread is only 10% based on messages. Some things that I do when I write messages to women who grab my attention and interest is make the message about them to show that I've taken time to read their profile.

Great question - it's awesome that you're actaully putting thought into. [uggh]Hey Hi/hello'Sup How r u Hey sexy/sweetie/hun/baby/cutieu hot Messages that DO get a response from me show me that 1) the guy actually read my profile 2) is respectful and 3) genuinely wants to get to know me. I think it's a good idea to mention that we'd hit it off well because we share some common interests and then list/talk about those interests a bit/ask a question or 2 about one of those common interests so she has something to reply to/with.

There are women sitting here telling you guys what to do to be successful in writing to females on here, but you're going to stick with the "hi, how are you's" because you don't want to waste time?

In an Elite Singles survey, our members were asked how they decide whether they want to go on a date with someone they've met online and 54% of Irish users concluded that it was all down to the first message.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I've found that 9 times out 10, the guys that write one-word/lazy messages don't have much to offer in their profile either.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It's extremely rare that I get one of those kinds of short messages from a guy, click on his profile and find that it is well-written and he's a good match for me.There isn't a message which will work repeatedly on the same woman unless it was always sent by the same man. Let's start with a few examples of messages I am NOT in any way inclined to respond to, yet receive every. That automatically makes you come across as more confident. My gay man friend gave me some great tips on how to write messages to men which was actually pretty helpful.Likewise, one woman's perfect message will have others hitting the back button so fiercely, they risk breaking the keyboard. Seems like men are the same whether gay or straight.a ";)" works for me sometimes. Insulting them works sometimes when they have long qualifying lists like my profile makes fun of. A silly joke or role playing skit works other times. "First messages that are only one word, incomplete sentences, full of profanity or just generic comments about my looks are a big turn-off.


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