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where palms, blue sea and white sand make it an attractive place to meet and share a cold (super fria) Cerveza Presidente (Beer), flock at night, drawn by lively Latin music to Party Central, Avenida Duarte, Boca Chica. Restaurants put out colorful tables and chairs right on the street.

from the Village Square Park, continuing east for several blocks, Duarte is closed to traffic.

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Dominican girls love to make telephone calls and send text.

Once their credit is over they will seek help with texts like this: “estoy sin balance, favor enviarme una recarga inmediata al codigo…que pueda llamarte.

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North American and European passports are the most desirable, representing the possibility of moving to developed countries.

Finally: you can find a beautiful and good girl everywhere if you speak Spanish and if your vacation lasts longer (at least 3 weeks) and you decide to rent a residence where she could come to cook and where she can find a swimming pool, a garden and a satellite TV, for the soap operas. More and more are the men that date girls online, before coming here, in Facebook, and the Dominican version of Badoo, that has increasing success for the high quality of the dates provided.If you spend time at the airport as we do, you will frequently see both departing tourists and locals crying.The former does not want to leave and the latter does not want the former to leave.And if they find the right guy, a modest monthly remittance after you return to home.In the Dominican Republic girls are warm, many prefer selling the illusion of love, with sentimentality and sweet words, whispered love songs and dances. Gusto de escuchar a la gente, conocer las historias de vida de los demas, siempre que sean edificantes, y hacer nuevos amigos. Hello, I'm Pamela, I'm 22 years old and I was born in the Dominican Republic. I like to play online games on my computer, i like to listen christian music, i like to sing to God only, God is all for me, i like to read the Holy Bible, i like to pray to God.


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  2. Eighteen year-old Taryn shared, "I became friends with this girl a couple of years ago that my mom never liked.

  3. I am not looking for a one time thing, but an ongoing situation.... It is their preference I know and I will not try to convince them that I am what they "really want".

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