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Although we have typically begun the Sacred Circle season in September, we are delaying the start this year to December.

That is because many of us, including Reverend Meghan, are engaged with the “Beloved Conversations” series.

Date/Time Date(s) - AM - PM Location Southwest Unitarian Universalist Church 6320 Royalton Rd.

North Royalton, OH 44133 Our services and child care programming take place every Sunday between am and pm, including coffee and snacks after the service.

This exhibit/sale will take place between the two services and one hour following the second service.

Typically, we have artists, photographers, jewelry makers, ceramicists, textile/stitchery artists and others. At a Special gathering to keep in touch, count your blessings, and share a feast. After a very long search process, our Fellowship voted to have Reverend Meghan as our settled minister.

Some believe heaven and hell are states of consciousness either in life or continuing after death; some believe in reincarnation; some believe that afterlife is nonexistent or not known or not important, as actions in life are all that matter. Most do not believe that humanity inherited original sin from Adam and Eve or that Satan actually exists.

Most believe that God is good and made people inherently good but also with free will and an imperfect nature that leads some to immoral behavior. Some believe wrong is committed when people distance themselves from God.Special guest will be Sandy Anglican-Phillips, the co-founder of Jessie’s Message along with her husband Lonnie who founded this group to honor the memory of their daughter, Jessica Ghawi a news reporter killed in the Aurora Theater July of 2012.Please join us again as we pay tribute to the effort of people who want to end gun violence and the memory of those we have lost.Some believe in reincarnation and the necessity to eliminate personal greed or to learn all of life’s lessons before achieving enlightenment or salvation.For some, the concepts of salvation or enlightenment are irrelevant or disbelieved. Most Unitarians do not believe that Satan causes suffering.If you are interested in becoming a facilitator or co-facilitator, please contact Linda Giannelli Pratt at [email protected]

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