Opinions on interracial dating

Such findings show that interracial relations are still unfavorable in the United States. Nonetheless, the number of Black-White marriages remains relatively low, at 558,000 according to the 2010 U. So what factors explain these patterns of Black-White marriages in the U. Both racial specific conditions and individual characteristics are at play.

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Opinions on interracial dating

Among Whites, the influence of religion was only significant in the 20 data, years for which Protestants held more unfavorable attitudes toward Black-White marriage than non-Protestant Whites.

Such findings suggest that religion has an impact on Black-White relations, with important differences across racial groups.

Dami was emailed by Fifteen Minutes asking if we would be interested in being interviewed for an article about interracial relationships at Harvard.

We agreed, and asked how many other couples would be featured, and were told the goal was three or four.

While such questions provide long trend comparisons, they do not tell us much about the racial intolerance that people harbor when asked how they would feel if one of their relatives were to marry a person outside their own race. Kimuna is associate professor of Sociology at East Carolina University.

In our study, by assessing how one feels about a relative’s marriage to a person of a different race, we were able to provide a better understanding of why current favorable opinions on interracial marriage still do not translate into higher rates of marriages between black and white Americans. Her areas of research interest include aging, social demography/population dynamics, health in sub-Saharan Africa, race and ethnic relations, and American and global and the social impact of mass media.Results from our recent research show that more than half (54 percent) of Blacks are in favor of their close relative marrying a White person. Census data most exogamous (outside the social group) marriages between these two racial groups occur between Black men and White women than between White men and Black women.The result is lower for Whites, among whom only one-in-four (26 percent) said they were in favor of their close relative marrying a Black person. Supreme Court ruled in the 1960s that laws banning interracial sexual relations violate the Fourteenth Amendment to the U. Constitution, it was only in the last decade that anti-racial marriage laws were definitively struck down in all states, with Alabama being the last state to do so in 2000. This represents less than 1 percent of all marriages in the country. In our research, we went beyond general opinion questions and used recent General Social Survey data sets that included questions on how black and white Americans actually feel about their close relative marrying outside their own race.For the latter, younger respondents were more accepting of interracial marriage than older folks.The number of Black-White marriages has risen in recent decades, from 51,000 in 1960 to 558,000 in 2010.In this light, our work offers a more comprehensive picture of racial relations in the U.


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