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Goldberg, who also held a law degree, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and disbarred.Back then, he went by Arthur Abba Goldberg, but when he got out, he dropped his middle name, effectively disappearing into the search engine abyss amid thousands of Arthur Goldbergs.

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The deeper they looked, he says, the darker it got.

He’d known gay-conversion is a cruel fraud, but he hadn’t realized how deeply perverse it is.

Despite that thin resume, Arthur Goldberg, the man who started and still runs JONAH, often boasted that Downing was “an expert in the field” of turning gay men straight.

Like many conversion therapists, Downing claims he has been “cured” of homosexuality, or, in the jargon preferred by the industry, he has “overcome” his “unwanted SSA,” same-sex attraction.

He would frolic in a field, naked too, with people he was supposed to be “healing.” He would ask other men to hold each other in darkened rooms.

It was all part of the therapy, practiced on tens of thousands of young men in the U. and abroad, by a wide network of “life coaches” like Downing.

Goldberg” in emails to clients and their parents, as well as on the promotional website for his 2009 book, Meanwhile, Berk handled clients and ran an active email “listserv” for JONAH men, where they could write emails asking for encouragement when the therapy didn’t seem to be working, or when their crushes on male friends became too hard to repress.

Berk regularly responded to the men, issuing reminders of the ramifications of what she called “the gay deathstyle”: AIDS, bowel disease, early death, and, as she put it in one email, “lives based on soul-numbing promiscuity.”Berk also offered wide-ranging analysis of what causes people to be gay.

The name Jeremy Enigk is instantly recognizable to any fan of the early emo scene of the 1990s.


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