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This neighbor is also our largest trading partner, bigger than RP trade with the US and Japan combined.

The other road, which is a “”, will lead the Philippines to both peace and progress.

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After her announcement of a “MECO-like office in Sabah” nothing was heard about it. The explanation was, Arroyo’s legal advisers warned her that she could be impeached for giving away Sabah to Malaysians.

I surmise the Ermita memo has more to do with the archipelagic baseline bill being deliberated in the Senate rather than the MOA-AD fiasco.

The same way, it is not a mode of losing ownership as well.” I’d like to think that Ermita’s memo is merely an anticipatory move to prevent suspicions that Arroyo has once again given away Sabah to the Malaysians like she did with the Spratlys to the Chinese , the Tokyo property to a Japanese business group, and parts of Mindanao to the MILF.

Given Arroyo’s minus 38 credibility, people will believe the worst of her.

A Win-Win Solution in Sea Dispute with China By Victor N.

Corpus October 16, 2016 – The upcoming RP-China talks on the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea put the Philippines at the vital cross-road to war or peace.It’s common sense: a state does not establish a consulate in its own territory.If the Malaysians thought Arroyo, with her shaky hold on power, is easier to handle compared to her predecessors, they underestimated her shrewdness.These documents include, but are not limited to, the following: Philippine passports, agreement, agreed minutes, joint communiqués, record of discussion, and similar documents.Four, “The Philippine government officials visiting North Borneo (Sabah) shall provide DFA with a report on their travel.” What prompted Ermita to issue the memo?When Gloria Arroyo’s “special envoys” to Malaysia, minus National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, met with Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, did they also discuss Sabah? 20, two weeks after the aborted signing of the Malaysian-brokered Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita issued Memorandum Circular 612 titled “Guidelines on Matters Pertaining to North Borneo (Sabah)” The memo gives four instructions: One, “No department, agency, or instrumentality of the Philippine Government shall make any act or statement expressing or implying, directly or indirectly, any recognition of a foreign state’s sovereignty over North Borneo (Sabah) or non-recognition of Philippine title of historical and legal rights to the same.” Two, “Any official activity, act or statement relating to North Borneo (Sabah) or which may have bearing on the Philippine claim to said territory shall be carried out only with the clearance of or after consultations with the Department of Foreign Affairs.


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