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Other exciting guest stars featured this season include Jack Mc Brayer, Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Cera, Ben Folds, Dave Grohl, Tony Hale, Ed Helms, Thomas Middleditch, Aubrey Plaza, Ronda Rousey, Liev Schreiber, Alia Shawkat, Bob Odenkirk and many more. How do you decide which moment in history each narrator will learn and share? I read that Ph D students do the research for to find the best stories. Like you’ve heard about the Wright Brothers, but you’ve never heard blah blah blah. I like when people are excited about history and when they want to get drunk and tell it, but I think it works best with people I know. Is there a strange fan interaction that stands out? Did you learn anything about Lin outside of his public persona that was surprising? It’s about how close Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were, and all the things that were so similar in both of their lives. They’re really talented and have extreme patience that I really admire. I had the privilege of speaking to the wildly gifted and charming creator Derek Waters about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s personal life, death by Ronda Rousey, and turtles. This year is different because we are doing themed-episodes, not cities because I wanted to make the world of history a little bigger so we could just worry about finding the best stories. And I’m not lying, because I want them to tell the story anyways, I just want them to be more excited about it. Are there any stories they dug up for this season that you loved but that didn’t make the show? But that’s why I’m hoping we get to do the show again so we can do those. I love stories about someone that you’ve heard about, but you’ve never heard this portion of their story. Jason Ritter and I play the Wright Brothers and Jenna Fischer plays the Wright sister. I imagine that your show inspires some interesting characters to reach out. Well, we shot it at his parents’ house, so I learned a lot about where he grew up and it’s kind of cool to see where somebody’s roots are and to meet their family. And I wanted him to be able to speak about stuff that he didn’t get to in the musical. It’s hard for me to talk about it because we’re still editing it, so I don’t want to say anything if it gets cut out. It would be bad enough to watch someone repeat themselves. A few days following Gibson's termination, it was announced that previous star Paget Brewster would return to the series in a regular role as her character Emily Prentiss, having left the show to explore a potential comedy career on television after the show's seventh season.

But one of their most talked about and successful series still on the air is the darker and grittier procedural Criminal Minds, which follows the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) as they work to profile their serial killers or Un Subs and stop them before they can continue their reign of terror.

The show has been in the spotlight recently after star Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner) was fired for getting into an altercation with a writer/producer of the series (with whom he'd fought with before), leaving the BAU team without a leader for the rest of the season.

However, due to scores of unhappy viewers, she was rehired as quickly as the producers could get her back. Before she even thought about being on television, Paget tried her luck at singing.

Paget was also asked to make an appearance on Season 9’s 200th episode. She was a singer in the rock band Sleeping Pills, which was based in New York.

creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates the untold version of the Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr rivalry. It’s a big deal and putting somebody who is in such a bright spotlight into such a drunk, vulnerable state. That he’d seen the first one when he was writing it.

Paget Brewster narrates the friendship between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (Busy Phillips) and Soviet soldier Lyudmila Pavlichenko (Mae Whitman). One of the most wonderful parts of the show is how passionate your guests are about their history stories. It’s never been like, I’ve got the best story, I hold the key to where Hoffa is buried. It was a little nerve wracking, but it turned out really well and I’m excited for people to see it. I wanted to make sure that he knew this was going to be a completely different thing from the first one. To watch six to eight hours of someone drunk just to find seven great minutes of it.

The report went on to explain that Special Agent Emily Prentiss joined the team at the BAU during Season 2.

She left recently reminded readers that Brewster was let go during Season 6.

The reason for SSA Emily Prentiss’ return is of utter importance.


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