Palestinian men dating 8 dating my teenage daughter

Their personal stories paint a very different picture than the one we see on Most of the Arab men I spent time with seek love within marriage, viewing their wives as companions in sickness and in health.Arab men want children with those wives, not only to continue the family line, but for the sheer joy of parenthood.

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Before marriage, you discover common areas, attraction develops.

But when two people unite in marriage, they become more understanding of each other and love develops.” This is a quote from Fuad, one of more than 330 men from 14 Arab countries I have interviewed over the course of 15 years, creating one of the largest data sets of in-depth life histories of Arab men ever assembled.

I just don't want my being so drastically different from him to be a bother to his life.

Any Muslim/Arab men or women out there ready to give a little Italian/Catholic girl a few words of wisdom?

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Don`t expect him to convert but it is known that muslim women have to marry a muslim man only but a muslim man is allowed to wed a non-muslim (be that she is by the book).

Also before going this far, make sure you know of his status in the country and he is not using you as a ladder to become a citizen (spousal way).

I was stuck on a highway and he was the tow truck driver to come and get me. There was a connection right away, we saw each other 3 times and there was intimacy. Maybe because he couldn't be free to do the things he does with me in his country.

I adore him, but I am reasonable, I don't fall this fast. I am nervous that he is falling for me for the wrong reasons.

You don`t want to look back and regret not giving a chance to what coould have been.


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