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Drawing on Navajo (Diné) traditional education systems, traditional tunes and rhythms and naturally occurring soundscapes in the Navajo Nation, the Heartbeat Project 2017 will employ music instruction as a tool to improve mathematical skills for K-12 Navajo students.

The project will include community concerts, collaboration with Diné musicians, and a final performance showcasing the accomplishments of the students.

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This group has a bright future ahead of them and always make the girls scream at the top of their lungs when they perform.

Former teen pop singer who became the lead vocalist for the all-brother pop group B5.

The older Carnell Breeding gets, the morehe sticks out like a [sexc]sore thumb. Carnell Frederick Hunnicutt Breeding If he was really their brother why aren'tall of their names Hunnicutt Breeding? I tink carnell is their brothers One he even said he was, Mrs. At the time when Carnell was born they were seperated ( Mr. wat iz u bitchez talkin bout Carnell lyk dat i noone cares if hez their cuzin or their brotha jus let dat subject and deal with da fact dat hez in da band, gurls lyk him and hez cute, so jus chill cuz it dont matter I tink carnell is their brothers One he even said he was, Mrs. At the time when Carnell was born they were seperated ( Mr. i waz watchin BET on the band and Carnell waz sayin Patrick, Kelly,and Dustins dad waz like puerto Rican and dat his mom iz alive and she got in a fight w/ ther dad and waz seperated fo a year and dats wen she got busy wit another man then went back to Bryan s dad i dont believe that shit because carnell looks alot like his brothers and maybe he got the darkness from his mother but all you bitches stop making up lies about b5 it is pissing the rest of the fans off.

He looks better than all the other 4 brotherscombined! Carnell said him self that he was thier brother and so yeah maybe he is thier half brother (althoe i think that hes thier full brother but darker)and y the hell would they have thier COUSINE in their group ???

He is also being followed by millions of people on the social networking platform Instagram.

Apart from music, Patrick Breeding is also fond of dancing, video games, Basketball and acrobatics. When everyone else is tired and worn out, I'm still up making noises and acting crazy!The Heartbeat project will take place on the Navajo (Diné) Reservation in New Mexico, and is hosted by Navajo Technical University.Ariel and Leerone are returning to the reservation for a second summer, using the Arts Leadership Grant to expand a program that began in 2016.Dustin Michael Breeding is the oldest brother and member in the group, B5. His favorite color is baby blue and his favorite food is seafood.He always tries to keep his brothers focused on what they are doing. Kelly Allen Breeding is the second-oldest member in the group. Kelly's birthday is February 27 and he is a Pisces.His favorite color is yellow and he likes to listen to Jay Z, Outkast, Linkin Park, and Snoop Dogg.


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