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David and I just didn't share that." As for her additional love lessons?Patti encourages partners to "share your spirituality" and says it's important to "do you first, always." She even adds that "you always do date your father." "I honestly never thought the aphorism about dating your father was true because, well, because it's kind of gross," shd admits.And I'm never going to be able to fall in love and be happy with a partner who doesn't fulfill those needs," she explained.

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I’d seen Patti’s name come up on my Twitter feed lately and had not paid it any attention, because who cares?

I just assumed she was doing press for that dating show of hers that no one watches anymore. I was told that Patti was recently on Heather Mc Donald’s Juicy Scoop Podcast to promote her show. It is about the fact that Patti who is supposedly still a good friend of Jill Zarin’s decided to announce that Bethenny sent a gift basket (Let’s hope it was not Skinnygirl) to Bobby Zarin.

Fans are wondering if the reality star ever tied the knot, but surprisingly, she hasn't.

She was previously linked to John Matthews, David Krause, and engaged to Andy Friedman, but ultimately, none of those relationships ended in marriage.

"It's unfortunate for a million and one reasons and obviously hard and sad for both of us." a "game changer" for her approach to relationships.

"I discovered that my love languages are gifts and touch.

Instead she spent a lot of time talking about RHONY and how she was friends with both Jill and Bethenny. She talked about Bethenny’s dating life, she talked about Bethenny’s friendships, then she talked some more about Bethenny. She also decided to throw in “the feud” between Bethenny and Jill.

She apparently talked a lot about Bethenny and how they were very close until Bethenny talked about her personal business to people and she felt betrayed. She said things that upset Jill when Jill already has enough to worry about.

“Jill and Bethenny made up a long time ago and a “feud” doesn’t exist.

They decided to keep this between them because there was no reason to do a media tour to announce that they’d resolved their conflict.

My source says that Jill was very upset by Patti’s disregard for her privacy during the most difficult time in her life.

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