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Also, I don't like that it's so hard to cancel, find mailing address or speak to anyone. I met my commitment, but I feel this is entrapment, by making it soooo difficult to cancel and using vague language, this will be a class action case in the future.

I have reviewed my contract over and over and no where does it state that I have an lifetime commitment with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Furthermore, my membership (free or otherwise) cannot be cancelled.

He went on to inform that I would not be billed for the months that passed (why?

), but if I were to cancel I would be charged 50% for early cancellation. I specifically remember the email giving the option to end auto-renewal.

What I do not like is that I cannot get into my account the way I could when Creative Cloud started 8/2012-9/2013. Before I live chatted with CS I was considering a Photoshop only option, but I just want out of Adobe. This will save you the trouble of emailing or calling us.Ask a question and see potential answers before submitting your question.Make certain you have a valid credit/debit card information and your Vonage Security PIN when you call.Your Voicemail is turned on as soon as your Vonage service is activated, even if your Vonage adapter is not yet set up. Other changes such as your Ring Count can be set in Online Account. Included with Vonage Service 3-Way Calling Anonymous Call Block Caller ID and Caller ID Block Call Forwarding Call Hunt/Ring Lists Call Return Call Transfer Call Waiting Directory Assistance Call Block Do Not Disturb Extensions App Linked Mobile Numbers International Call Block Network Availability Number Selective Call Block Simul Ring Voicemail Paid Services Vonage Fax Line Toll Free Plus Virtual Number Vonage Softphone Free.Once I did stop it, I received an email stating that my CC would turn to a free account.


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