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" Frequently it is used of the wilderness of the Exodus.

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Books have been written to discuss the geography of this region.

Suffice it to say that it comprises the ground over which the Israelites travelled from their crossing of the Red Sea till their arrival in the Promised Land.

So Joel, ii, 22: "The beautiful places of the wilderness are sprung", or literally: "The pastures of the wilderness shoot forth".

So, too, the desert was not necessarily uninhabited.

We do not enter into the question raised by modern critics as to whether the geography of the Exodus had different meanings in different parts of the Pentateuch.

The desert of Juda, too, plays an important part in the Bible .Thus Is., xxxv, 1: "The land that was desolate [ midbar ] and impassable shall be glad, and the wilderness [ 'arabah ] shall rejoice"; cf. Although the Septuagint frequently renders the word by eremos , it often uses other translations, as ge dipsosa and elos .The Vulgate employs the words solitudo , desertum .In such cases it refers at times to the wilderness of the Exodus (cf. Parts of the waste region about the Dead Sea are called the jeshimon ; and to the north-east of the same sea there is a place called Beth-Jeshimoth (cf.Numbers ), where the Israelites are said to have encamped at the end of the wanderings.In the Vulgate are found the renderings ruinœ, solitudo, desolatio . The lexicon of Gesenius gives as the first meaning of horbah , "dryness"; then as a second meaning, "a desolation", "ruins".


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