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ey everyone, a relic of barbarism is making a comeback!

If the reference is lost on you, I am referring to an expression from the mid-1800s, when the Republican party was established to replace the Whigs on the platform of eradicating what party leaders such as Abraham Lincoln coined “the twin relics of barbarism.” The first of those relics was polygamy, seen as a system that was fundamentally oppressive to one of the two sexes: women.

She was, as she recalls, "high off my ass on Codeine cough syrup" when she caught a showing of Indecent Proposal on TV.

Bigamy was formally abolished under the Lincoln’s presidency.

Sneak Peek: Inside Kleinfeld’s First Polygamous Bridal Fitting,” read the headline.

In the midst of a quick Facebook check while writing this piece, an article on the Institute for Family Studies blog analyzing a recent study on rising acceptance for non-monogamous marriages scrolled through my feed.

I clicked over to the study itself, the abstract of which claims, “These data call out for greater attention to both the social mediation of Giddens’s detraditionalization thesis and a more nuanced concept of marital fidelity than a simple binary axis of ‘monogamous/nonmonogamous’ permits.” But what happens to women in a world where we scrap the “binary axis” of monogamy? Nobody is asking for a show called “Brother Husbands.” Nine of ten pictures for polyamory involve one man with multiple women.

Inside the Sex Party That Lets Straight Women Be Gay for a Night Skirt Club was created to give women a place to comfortably explore their sexuality – but what happens when a queer party plays into hetero norms?

"I was sitting there going, ' What's going on here?The pair had already coauthored two books on kink which were read in BDSM circles, but not much elsewhere.Both Easton and Hardy identified as queer and polyamorous, and Easton wanted to reclaim the word slut.Though different forms of non-monogamy have presented themselves in various cultures for millennia, in Western culture in the early 1990s it was still seen as an alternative practice, the kind favored by, well, pagan priestesses.Today, polyamory is less tied to one specific subculture or identity.Polygamy uniquely subjugates one sex; it’s like an institutionalized form of the hookup culture — with women on call for male pleasure, just with some boundaries and a relationship status.


  1. I’d never left a date to go to the ER (but I’ve thought about trying to get out of a date with that excuse), and this quick exit luckily marked the end of a week of marathon dating.

  2. Des fois sa rencontre coquine débouche sur une vraie relation et des fois ça reste une simple rencontre hard d'un soir.

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  4. Expats and global travelers say it’s typically harder to date here than anywhere else, given the ultracompetitive environment.

  5. Unfortunately, given the trends of younger and younger children gaining access to social media and mobile devices, the scourge of cyberbullying will likely get much worse before it ever gets better.

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  7. 2015-06-18 Mc Williams and his Acadia colleague Cheap Rayban Wayfarers S. At the root of the contraceptive matter is contraception per se.

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