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Best of luck ss Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this email & massive congrats on your little boy!!

However i got pregnant 10 days after my mc and i am now being induced tomorrow with my little boy..a very stressful pregnancy due to my other half but cant wait to see my boy!

Im sorry ur going thru something similar hun and i pray it ends differently for u..a hard n stressful time!

The doctor said come bk in 2 weeks for a scan but i expect u to miscarry before then anyway..about having some tact!! For some reason i dnt believe im going to miscarry not matter what he thinks due to my levels but i am however still worried and came out of hospital and cried my eyes out, my partner had to come out of work and meet me cus i was so upset!

HAs anyone got any reassuring stories..looked up on net and some peoples hcg levels do rise slowly at first so im holding onto that at the mo even tho i dnt think ill miscarry cheryl I apologise in advance if this dregs up any bad memories for you but I have been desperately trying to find out the outcome to your situation as it is so similar to mine....

Hence the message to you as if you did carry to full term then I can still have hope. L x Hi there...i came across this by chance and didnt click it was my original post back in march time!

Sadly for me it did end in a miscarriage.signs were there but i just really didnt want to see it or accept it!

They are scanning me on Wed to rule out ectopic (Although I don't think they will find anything as levels are so low) but they believe it's failing.....

I'm wary of any D&Cs, tablets etc in case there is still hope.

Ill be honest i am worried, ive never miscarried before, ive got 5 healthy children and had 4 healthy pregnancies and never experienced this before.


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