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Often, new tools show up in Office Online first, like the Tell Me search function that helps you find which features you can use for a specific task; that's now in Office 2016.

The web version of Sway is very similar to the Windows and i OS versions.

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On the Mac, Office 2016 includes Word, Excel, Power Point, and One Note – if you want Outlook for the Mac, you'll have to get an Office 365 subscription (which also gives you the Windows versions of Publisher and Access 2016).

On Windows, you can choose between Office Home and Student 2016, which again includes Word, Excel, Power Point, and One Note, or Office Home and Business 2016, which adds Outlook.

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(about 3 times the population of the United States! Here's a look at some of the many ways in which this ever popular social networking site affects your kids’ lives in some good, and some not-so-good ways.

) Although buried and eulogized many times over, Facebook’s popularity is still very much on the rise. Facebook transcends all physical boundaries, and lets your kids connect with far away friends and distant family. Either way you probably won’t be able to completely block your kids from using it.

Love it, hate it, there is absolutely no getting away from it. Your kids can easily be informed about what goes in the lives of people who are physically distant. So it’s important to remember that if your kids are on Facebook, they should be aware of the dangers, and they should take steps to protect themselves, such as adjusting the privacy settings.

And it doesn’t look as if Facebook is going away in the near future. It’s your job as a parent to explain the dangers and help them protect themselves, but also to be there for them, to listen and help, if they experience something that makes them feel uncomfortable or scared.

Office 365 is ideal if you have multiple machines at work and at home, or if your family has several computers, or if you might want to switch between a Mac and a PC, because even the consumer subscriptions cover all of that.

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