Problem during frost updating

"And that's what we're doing." Tariq joined Purch's team in 2001 as a staff writer, and later editor, covering human spaceflight, exploration and space science. Before joining, Tariq was a staff reporter for The Los Angeles Times.

He is also an Eagle Scout (yes, he has the Space Exploration merit badge) and went to Space Camp four times as a kid and a fifth time as an adult.

Hello everybody, and welcome to Creation Compendium #54! We've chosen our favourite three out of the entries and will rotate through them (probably fairly randomly! But before I get to that, please remember to send all entries for CC #55 to @Quackers Delta!

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Most of that foam is applied robotically, though about 25 percent is still applied by hand, NASA said.

The PAL and ice frost ramp foam is among the hand-applied material.

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2) All entries must be Terraria related in some way or another, whether that is ingame, art, music literature or any other form of creativity. Group entries are allowed, but all members who worked on the project must be credited and proof of consent from each member must be given.

Hale said he was confident NASA could complete the ISS in the planned 16 ISS-bound flights before the space agency retires its shuttle fleet in 2010.

A 17 shuttle flight could service the Hubble Space Telescope by 2008, NASA has said.

6) Content such as memes, image macros, and other such content that does not contribute to the Compendium's message of expressing your creativity will be rejected.

These "low-effort entries" will be taken out at the CC team's discretion.

"That didn't drive this particular discussion," Hale said.

"We're trying to make appropriate decisions in light of the schedule, and not let it drive us to overly risky or foolish decisions just to make a schedule that we know has some time in it to allow for engineering problems to be solved." Reducing tank foam debris NASA has been working to reduce the shedding of dangerously large pieces of fuel tank foam insulation since the 2003 Columbia disaster, in which seven astronauts and one orbiter were lost during reentry.

From STS-121 to retirement Commanded by shuttle veteran Steven Lindsey, NASA's STS-121 mission will complete a series of shuttle repair and safety tests required before the space agency resumes ISS construction.


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