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In particular, Franco A.'s Master's thesis is said to have included obvious far-right ideology.

"Both were on the radar, both had been noticed, and with both [the authorities] ignored it," commented Rainer Arnold, chairman of the parliamentary defense committee and a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

She is supposed to stand for the Bundeswehr, but she is seen as being too quick to throw the whole organization under the bus." Investigators have uncovered a display of helmets dating back to the Wehrmacht at a barracks in the town of Donaueschingen.

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"The fact that the MAD closes its files on far-right action, rather than looking closely at what people are doing, is a serious mistake," he told the DPA news agency.

Nazis in the military Opposition politicians and activists are now queuing up, demanding to know exactly how deep far-right extremism is embedded in the Bundeswehr, and how much attention the MAD pays to it.

The minister said that the Bundeswehr needed to improve its political education and provide a "faster and more efficient" way of reporting far-right incidents.

Von der Leyen also said the Bundeswehr's "tradition decree" would be re-written before the fall.

The decree, most recently updated in 1982, defines the shared values of German soldiers and regulates how the Bundeswehr deals with its Nazi past.

Terror plot Three men, including two soldiers - Franco A. - have now been arrested in connection with a plot to carry out a "grave act of violence against the state." Prosecutors are investigating suspicions the two lieutenants were planning to assassinate senior members of government and direct the blame towards asylum seekers - Franco A.

Not only were the two lieutenants, of the Illkirch barracks, situated in France, able to go un-investigated for a considerable time (the pair were only uncovered in February, when Franco A.

was caught hiding a gun in a toilet at Vienna airport, Austria), they were able to steal and horde ammunition from Bundeswehr stock, which was found in the apartment of the third suspect and apparent accomplice, Mathias F., a student from Offenbach.

The army is probing far-right sympathizers in its ranks.

() State prosecutors in the city of Tübingen have begun investigating whether right-wing activities took place at a farewell party for special forces in the Bundeswehr. Evidence of a far-right terror group is growing after the discovery of a "kill list" of left-wing politicians to be murdered if social order collapsed.

" The military's problems weren't helped by another revelation that emerged on Tuesday.


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