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Born in 1809, he had been raised as a girl until about the age of six, at which point doctors discovered he was male. When his wife died in 1833, he took up the travelling salesman trade, also guiding travellers around Spain and Portugal.

His first known murder was Vicente Fernández, the constable of León.

Fernández was found dead in 1844 after attempting to collect a debt from Romasanta.

Rather than face the law, Romasanta fled to Portugal.

Those who had seen the Beast described a large wolf with unusual red fur streaked with black. According to a 1980 study, there were 210 attacks in all, 113 of which were fatal.

In 1765, King Louis XV decreed that the French state would help slay the beast.

An 1863 newspaper reported that Romasanta passed away that year in prison from stomach cancer.

The Werewolf of Bedburg One of the most famous werewolf cases is Peter Stumpp, a wealthy farmer accused of being a serial murderer, cannibal and werewolf in Rhineland in 1589.

But sometimes the fear was absolutely warranted, whether the danger lurked clad in the fur of a wolf or the clothes of a man.

Here, in celebration of Halloween, are five of the most famous werewolves from history.

When France went on a wolf-killing rampage, these wolves were slain, one by one, until none were left and the attacks abated. According to historian Jean-Marc Moriceau, some 7,600 people were killed by wolves in France between 13. In fact, he said, he had done so just one year earlier, contradicting his earlier claim of having renounced lycanthropy.


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