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Season 2 premiered on August 5, 2008, almost two years after the prior season.

The series chronicles the professional and personal lives of four real estate agents based in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Malibu, California as they sell high-end properties.

It also gives viewers an inside look at the world of high-priced real estate in Los Angeles County.

He researches rules on every card game in existence (or at least all the ones that can be played by six players) until his head is spinning with clubs and diamonds, black and red. Finally Steve says, “I wouldn’t mind a little poker,” and everyone makes grunts and murmurs of general agreement. Well, he might be exaggerating, but thirty minutes into this hell and Tony is almost at his wit’s end.

He studies reviews on all the newest crazes, practices shuffling and card tricks, and for good measure, he adds a pool table in case two Avengers want to ease off the buddy buddy time for a while. Tony motions to the round table a la “A Bold Bluff” and waits for his guests to take their seats. And suddenly Tony realizes their first major problem. They haven’t even made it through one hand because Big, Blonde, and Built keeps asking questions about the terminology.

Episodes showcased real estate listings starting from the beginning of the selling process to close.

The story lines ranged from a woman who was a hysterical divorcee forced to sell her multimillion-dollar home, to an agent whose personal ties to the seller (her ex-fiance) get in the way of a potential sale.

The series was renewed for its sixth season on April 2, 2013, In March 2015, Bravo renewed Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles for an eighth season.

Season 8 returned September 2, 2015 with all of the cast returning.

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