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Read on to discover why these 3 elements were critical to success: The objectives of the project can be split in two categories: operational and technical.

The key operational objective is the introduction of a single ‘Digital Police Office’ for all Dutch citizens.

We are a community of racial realists and idealists.

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A key objective of the project is to engage online with the Dutch citizens and involve them in fighting crime.

For instance, citizens can help the police solve cases by sending photographs or videos from the crime scene, using their smartphone.

Ron was very much aware of this risk and took a number of steps to reduce it.

The key success factor has been to work in the spirit of agile software development, using the Scrum methodology with sprint sessions and daily stand-up meetings.

For instance, a user may see a TV special announcement about a missing person, and then consult more details about the case – or just replay the announcement – on a second screen, for instance a tablet. Boye members in our various groups with big, ambitious projects like this is not always positive.

Very often projects fail to deliver against the high expectations of the various stakeholders and the end users.The screenshot below gives you a sneak preview of the future home page ( Another project challenge is that the current application landscape around intranet and extranet is fragmented, resulting in a limited content and information exchange.The expectation is that a central web content management system will improve the content exchange between regional police offices and will simplify the management and maintenance of the system.To improve efficiency and street safety across the country, this will change and a single National Police force will be created.In line with this reorganization, a major project has been launched to improve the web presence of the police.Clearly, mobile delivery is a big part of the value proposition.


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