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Drag Rad Grid View from the toolbox onto the design surface.

If you look at the XAML for the Grid View, you’ll see that Visual Studio set the alignments and margin to mark the placement of the Gridview where you happened to drop it.

public class Employee In Main cs, in the Loaded event handler, you’ll set the Items Source property for the grid to the result of calling Get Employees as shown in Example 6.

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The key is the Format, which is set to one of the four enumerated Export Format values.

Example 7 shows while later in this section of the article (Example 8, and Figures 10 - 12), you'll see .html, .txt, and Open the file in Excel and you’ll see that the columns and data appear as expected, as seen in Figure 9.

To begin, open Visual Studio and click on the Telerik menu option.

Under UI For Silverlight click on Create New Telerik Project.

For example, sorting, grouping and reordering columns. You’ll see the advanced filter dialog, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: You can configure advanced filtering with a few clicks.

Rad Grid View has a built-in support for grouping with simple dragging and dropping a column header into the top row.

As an example, you can drag and drop the Is Complete column header into the grouping area and you'll see the results immediately sorted into the two groups, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 7: Click the X on the column headings that you no longer want to use for grouping.

Rad Grid View also allow you to reorder your columns using drag and drop, as shown in Figure 8, which shows dragging the ID column to a new position.

Figure 10: When you run Example 8, the data is in an HTML table that you can view in a browser.

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