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- At the wedding reception, the husband and wife take a big loaf of bread and bite it at the same time, without the use of their hands.This tradition is a playful game, and whoever gets the larger piece, it is said that they will be the leader of their family.- The husband must carry his wife over the threshold in his arms.

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On the morning of January 1, a mushroom soup is often prepared, and served together with holodets and the leftover pies.

- The main tradition at Easter time is the painting of hard-boiled eggs.

- At the beginning of spring, as the weather warms, and the days become brighter, children and young adults often play outside.

They play different Russian games, they play with the remaining snow, and they and often fall in love.

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- As always, Russians like to celebrate in style, so the birthday celebration is usually a lavish dinner with many dishes.

As with other celebrations, a large meal is always prepared for Christmas.

During the Soviet reign, religious celebrations were officially banned, so many people had to carry on celebrations in secret.

On New Year's eve, a huge meal is prepared with an abundance of dishes.

Duck or goose, stuffed carp, and a jellied meat called 'holodets' are among the common most dishes, as are small pies/pastries filled with cabbage, apple, meat, or a range of other fillings.

- When a bride and groom are ready to go to the church for the wedding, the oldest member in their family takes a religious icon from the wall.

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